Month: May 2017

Modelling 2, Task 3

Team Gummo – Cooper, Jake, Melissa

Our Task was to research the 2 creatures chosen and develop a design with a strong anatomical base that would pass as an actual animal. We choose 2 quadrupeds a horse and a lizard. We started to collect images of the web to give us an idea of the skeleton, muscle structure and look of the creature. I have assembled a few of the images found, shown below.

We discussed what type of lizard we should incorporate and decided against lizards with superficial extras, such as the frill neck lizard and the armadillo lizard.


Our final choice of lizard was a geko.

We were looked into what type of feet the creature should have. horse hooves, lizard feet or a combination of both.

We had a group discussion, with the following queries were decided.

herbivorous or carnivorous? meat eater

Habitat/environment?  arid desert, rocky planes

type skin or more of the horse skin? lizard skin  

stand of 2 or 4 legs? (no bipeds) so 4

Size of animal? horse size, stronger and faster

How it walks/runs? trots, gallops, like a feline

Leg movement? back horse legs with large lizard feet, propels from front arms and pushes of back legs,

Tail movement? straight when in a gallop (if it moved up and down or side to side it would put the creature off balance when in movement

Tail size? large dinosaur tail (same size as body to head) for balancing. used to attack prey iguana tail 

Neck and head movement? move like a lizard

Claws or hooves? large lizard feet, for balance, and for handling prey  feet are a combination of lizard feet and horse hooves.

Reptile or mammal? Reptile

Warm or cool blooded? Cold, Warm blooded (at night or morning, so it would not be so venerable in the cold weather. because of its size it could not hibernate like a lizard).

Quick sketches were drawn to discuss different ideas, of how the creature would look.

A skeletal Structure was drawn showing how the joints would fit together.


Anatomy was drawn to show how the hybrid would combine muscles from the two animals.

lizardhorse anatomy

A Concept photomontage was created to show the look and the feel of the creature.

horse lizardhorselizard environment

Our Creature is a combination of a geko lizard and a horse. We have taken the head front arms and tail of a lizard and combined them with the body and the hind legs of the horse. In scale the strong arms and shoulders could the weight of the horse and connects from the horses shoulders to the lizard biceps. the bone structure of the tail is extended to a large lizard tail. The tail extends while in motion and carries the weight of the hoser lizard while up right. The feet are a combination of a horse and lizard, so it could run on all terrains while still use claws for its prey. It is a carnivore who’s habitat is desert and rocky plains. It has lizard skin to protect against the harsh suns rays.